Interactive visualization tool

Galileo is an easy to learn and yet powerful and extensive project design environment that can be used ideally in all system and machine building applications close to the machine and process.
Galileo is designed for use in all sectors and offers comprehensive project design for all graphical operating devices from the Eaton HMI product range as well as for stand-alone PC solutions. Galileo provides the project designer with a full range of functions without any graduated restrictions on tags or screens, and takes into account the performance level of the panel used.

Reliable and simple connection to the control level and office world.

Comprehensive project design of all graphical panels up to and with the PC control station.

Up to 8 communication options at the same time, with data bridge.


Some of over 100 protocols to all standard PLCs:

  • A. BRADLEY DF1 / EtherNet/IP
  • EATON easy / SucomA / Suconet K / CANopen / CoDeSys
  • OMRON C- H- K-Serie
  • SAIA S-Bus / MPI
  • SIEMENS PPI / MPI / DP Slave / Industrial Ethernet
  • TELEMECH. Unitelway new
  • Diverse OPC / Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP/IP / CoDeSys (SymArti) / CANopen (SDO/PDO) / 3964R

Now available: The brand new GALILEO 8.0

Important: GALILEO 8 is no longer supporting Windows CE 3.0!

GALILEO Highlights

  • Easy to learn and intuitive graphical user interface with a project overview window
  • User-friendly project design with project simulation on development PC
  • Different user interface styles
  • Drag & drop positioning of objects, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
  • Simple, clear user guidance
  • Tabular object properties, easy and fast assignment of attributes - copy & paste
  • Convenient series assignment of texts and images to tags
  • Numerous graphical objects such as bar graph, slide adjuster, graph plotter, curve chart, camera
  • Dynamic objects in position and size
  • Object parameter list, any number of data objects in a screen
  • Anti-aliased gauge display
  • Dynamic unit of measure selection (e.g. °C <-> °F, inch <-> mm)
  • Many specific objects and system functions
  • Enhanced sub masks (groups of objects building a new object)
  • Enhanced password handling with complex password and aging
  • Extensive recipe handling
  • Alarm messages with time stamp and integrated variable (number value or text)
  • Multi-line display of alarm entries
  • History and diagnostics support with image display
  • Online language selection
  • Unicode support (also Asian character sets)
  • Display language specific keyboards
  • Text import / export in XML format e.g. Excel
  • Brilliant image display, up to 65536 colors
  • Import of 15 different image formats
  • Direct printing on panel (reports, forms)
  • Communication to CoDeSys-2 and CoDeSys-3 controls
  • Simple import of PLC variables
  • Support of user-defined data types
  • Full functionality always available, no graduated performance level
  • Simple project comparison thanks to XML-file-format (Masks and Tags)

The most important new features in GALILEO 8.0:

Help System

The GALILEO Help system was upgraded.

NEW "Help masks" and the "Help information" object.

NEW A "Help manager" for managing help texts.

NEW Two Help texts and a picture can be assigned to a tag.

Language Specific System Keyboards

NEW A System keyboard layout can be selected for each language used in the project.
This makes it possible to provide users with the keyboard they are accustomed to.

XML File Format

NEW Some project data is stored in XML format in GALILEO 8.0.

User-Defined Data Types

NEW User-defined data types can be defined and instances of it created.

A change to the user-defined data type automatically affects all instances.

Enhanced Sub Masks

NEW With submasks, data types instead of actual tags can be defined for the objects.

When using a submask with the submask object, the user is then requested to assign defined tags to the individual data types.

User Interface

The User Interface of GALILEO 8.x was updated, firstly with the addition of new icons and secondly with new styles.

Error Messages with Parameters

NEW A placeholder can be entered in error messages which is then filled with a value at the time of the error.

Enhanced Accessibility / Visibility

NEW Multiple criteria can be defined for accessibility and visibility settings.

Four for each mask object, two for each parameter list entry.

CoDeSys 2 / CoDeSys 3 Tag Import

NEW The tag import is carried out using the XML-based file formats "sym_xml" (CoDeSys 2) and "xml" (CoDeSys 3).

These formats also make it possible to create the user-defined data types on import in the same way as in the PLC programming environment.



NEW In GALILEO 8.x it is possible to use layers for more effective working with superimposed objects.

Graph Viewer

NEW It is now possible to view a graph archive, while a graph in a different graph object of the identical graph block is being plotted.

Rules for Recipe Names

NEW Rules can now be defined for recipe names.

Graph Archive File Name with Time and Date

NEW The File name of a graph archive can be generated dynamically from time and date if required.

GALILEO runtime software for standard PC
Product Overview for Machinery
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